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All Breeds Are Welcome!

  • Our facility offers nearly 24/7 horse care and supervision as we live 5 minutes from the property. 

  • Night checks are done every night after 8:00pm. 

  • We believe in our horses enjoying as much outside time as possible. 

    • Horses are turned out daily for as long as possible (depending on weather and horse)

Full Board

  • Grain twice a day 

  • Unlimited Hay Outside

  • Matted stalls

  • Fly Mask, Fly Sheets, Fly Spray, Blanketing

  • Night Turn Out (summer)

  • Large grass pastures, mucked daily

  • Use of 

24/7 Turnout

  • Run in shed in paddock 

    • brought in for extreme weather ​

  • Grain twice a day 

  • Unlimited Hay

  • Fly Mask, Fly Sheets, Fly Spray, Blanketing

  • Large grass pastures, mucked daily

  • Use of 


"Morgan Manor Stables is a beautiful facility with an incredible atmosphere. I love every second spent there whether it is for a clinic, barn party, trail ride, or just a relaxing day at the barn."



"The Morgan manor community is small but wonderful. There’s no barn drama- just a bunch of ladies who love their horses. My horse Jack (immediately off the track) has been behaviorally involved, medically complicated, and nutritionally complex. Jen has been so supportive of his success and has helped to problem solve his living arrangements to ensure his success. The paddocks are great size (enough for my ottb to get his sillies out without hurting himself) and all the big barn amenities are available despite the small barn vibes. The tack room/lockers are honestly epic- I thought for sure I couldn’t fill mine but whoops, crazy horse lady fills whatever space she has 😳 I’m thankful for Morgan manor to be jacks first real home off the track- he’s learning that life isn’t so bad after all ❤️"


 "I have been at this barn for about a month and cannot say enough about it. The people are so nice and the horses are so well cared for. Jen and her husband are the hardest working people I know, always there making improvements to the property and doing night check/feeding."

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